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Deborah Turnbull introducing Correspondances in Sound and Vision, the Carriageworks, Sydney, 2007.

Image courtesy of CCS.

Deborah Turnbull Tillman introducing Correspondances in Sound and Vision, the Carriageworks, Sydney, 2007.

Installation of O.T. series, as constructed at the Armory, Sydney, 2007 by Milen Miltchev and exhibited at the CDG.

Image courtesy of the artist, Milen Miltchev and the CDG.

Installation of O.T. series, as constructed at the Armory, Sydney, 2007 by Milen Miltchev and exhibited at the CDG.

Deborah Turnbull operating George Khut's "Cardiomorphologies" during PerthDAC, 2007.

Image courtesy of the artist, George Khut.

Deborah Turnbull Tillman operating George Khut's "Cardiomorphologies" during PerthDAC, 2007.

A wide range of services offered by New Media Curation are available to clients.  Please see below an overview of what is available and details regarding price, contracts, and invoicing.

Services Offered

  • Exhibition Planning (including the launch event):- Planning a new media arts exhibition requires time, skill, and expertise; elements of which are still emerging and evolving within the fields of both arts and interactive technology.  Curatorial research as well as arts administration will be offered to each NMC client on a case-by-case basis.  The launch event can take various forms depending on the content and venue of the exhibition. From an opening event with speeches and refreshments, to research discussions and publication events, to an intimate VIP dinner, NMC can provide the right experience for your target audience.
  • Conference/Workshop Participation:- Whether you are interested in planning & executing a conference or a workshop, or participating in an exhibition related to either, NMC can administer to national or international events providing both registration support and publication planning.  Deborah has previously administered and co-edited the proceedings for ENGAGE: Interaction, Art and Audience Experience (2006); and has participated in the  PerthDAC (2007) Performance Night as an artist's liaison.  She has recently submitted both a solo and group exhibition to the BEALL Arts and Technology Centre in Irvine California as part of UCI's DAC conference for 2009-2010.  NMC will also be representing artists with a long history of exhibiting at arts & technology conferences such as SIGGRAPH, ISEA, IE, CHI, and ARS Electronica, so an available resource of experience and expertise is on hand.
  • Materials Sourcing:- Whether utilizing an institutions' workshop or relying on community contacts, sourcing materials for the presentation of new media artworks can be challanging.  NMC's director has been dealing with both Sydney and Melbourne institutions and businesses for 3 years doing exactly this, particularly in the areas of perspex frames to disguise computer hardware or wireless audio visual devices acting as data input points. 
  • Venue Sourcing and Liaison:- There are many options for exhibition in both urban and rural environments.  From regional galleries to artist run spaces and commercial galleries in urban centres, NMC is happy to submit applications on your behalf and act as your liaison up to and including the exhibition period.
  • Promotions:- In the event that an exhibition venue does not have it's own advertising in place, NMC can offer the design and realization of flyers, press releases, and wall text.  These items would remain the property of NMC.
  • Publication:- Often when exhibiting cutting edge works or planning a conference or workshop, a client is required to produce a publication.  Researching, writing and editing a publication is readily offered with each exhibition, be it a room brochure, a catalogue, or conference/workshop proceedings.  NMC can offer ISBNs or accommodate institutional requests.  As a registered business, NMC can also offer the publications for sale during and after the exhibition.
  • Public Programmes:- As much a part of the exhibition as the launch event, a strong series of public programmes can often augment and solidify any promotion campaign.  Invited speakers, film series, artist-guided tours, and artist-led interactions can assist in removing any inherent technophobia and encourage members of the community to participate in interactive exhibitions in a hands-on, educative manner.

Payment for Services

Collaborations will usually last between 2-6 months depending on the size of the exhibition and where it will showcase.  Contracts will be provided and signed, and payments collected at the close of the exhibition via invoice.  Services, costs, payments, and reimbursements will be discussed at the beginning of the collaboration.  

Please note: Electronic payment is requested within 14 days of the invoice, with a 5% surcharge incurred each week it is overdue.

Deborah Turnbull Tillman is a curator specialising in design, technology and new media. Her first curatorial project was Beta_space, an experimental gallery at the Powerhouse Museum focused on the audience's role in interactive art. This fueled her interest in how technology augments traditional art practice and how the audience is becoming a necessary material for technology based art.  She then joined the curatorial team at the Powerhouse Museum as Assistant Curator - Design & Technology, where she curated exhibitions such as ISEA2013, designTECH, Good Design and Game Masters.

As an independent curator working across platforms in Sydney, at university galleries, public institutions, ARIs, appropriated public spaces and experimental spaces, she has spent the last few years building case studies for a PhD proposal. She was awarded an Australian Post-Graduate Award (APA Scholarship) and is now exploring how to authenticate the experience of the audience in interactive art as a Doctoral Candidate at the Creative Robotics Lab in the National Institute of Experimental Arts at UNSW Art & Design. Her foundational work is captured in major contracts with corporate clients, Ausgrid, and industry experts, Australia Council for the Arts and Experimenta.

An editor and author as well as a curator, Deborah is a casual lecturer in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS and in the Design Lab at the University of Sydney.