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CITIES TANGO: Sydney-Belfast, 2009

by Deborah Turnbull on 25 AUG 2009

Come along to the 2 Danks Street complex in Waterloo to view Ernest Edmonds' newest interactive artwork.  There will also be an artist's talk by Multiple Box artist Pete Longworth regarding his new body of photography Wonderland, curated by Sandy Edwards. Wine and nibbles on arrival.

In this new interactive and generative work, two cities interact with one another across continents and time zones. In real time, images of audiences from each city are displayed in another city, so that a form of communication takes place through providing image and movement content. 

In alternate locations – currently these locations are in time zones 9 hours apart - the work picks up images from the screen location and reacts to movement. At the same time, the analysed image information is sent over the internet to the alternate location, also influencing the work’s behaviour. Thus, images of the remote location are dynamically revealed and the colours used, the times of day selected and the pace of the work is influenced in each location by a combination of the images seen at both locations. 
CITIES TANGO is an extension of Tango Tangle first seen on the large urban screen at Federation Square, Melbourne in 2007. CITIES TANGO first appeared in 2008 linked to the Federation Square screen with an urban screen at the SAP offices in Berlin, followed by a more recent showing at UTS in the New Media Curation exhibition Image Ecologies in July 2009.

The client components running in Belfast and Sydney communicate through a central server in Sydney. The system has been in continuous development by a team led by Professor Ernest Edmonds in the Creativity & Cognition Studios, Faculty of Engineering and IT. On this occasion CITIES TANGO links the International Symposium for Electronic Art (ISEA), taking place this week in Belfast, Ireland, with the Danks Street Galleries in Sydney. 
Professor Ernest Edmonds is represented by the Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney.

Image Information:

CITIES TANGO: Sydney-Belfast, 2009


Wednesday 26 August 2009 @ 6pm | Conny Dietzschold Gallery | 2 Danks Street | Waterloo


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