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This just in...a month in the life of Deb.T.

by Deborah Turnbull on 23 NOV 2009

I fear my blog posts are becoming too long.

As such, I thought I would just update you on my happenings and include a sort of photo diary.

This blog = visual learning...I love it!

Since last post, I have:

1) bumped out Spring & Asura - Disturbance from the ATVP ( insert raucous applause and general worship at a successful show ... )

2) submitted a book chapter with Aram on the roles of the curator and technologist in interactive art to the CCS research group ( don't even ASK about submitting the bios and abstract...late, late, late, some shouting on my part, some wide eyes from Aram...oh me, oh my, oh Aram...). Wow, I am NOT attractive when I'm angry...why is Aram still adorable when he's scared/annoyed?

3) flown to Melbourne to meet a new client ( subsequently I've had teleconferences with said client's associate in New York and contracted IxC to design - Hi Greg! - and code - Hi Aram! - the interactive elements in league with the new clients...fun fun fun! ). Hysographics and bathymetrics and political and financial associations and film clips and a classical score ... oh my ... here We COME!

Oh! And while I was in Melbourne, I went with said new client to the Peter Greenaway projection at the Melbourne Art Festival and got some amazing shots (yea, the above ones...) ...well, before the voli caught me, knocked my arm (that's the last shot), and said quite sternly, "AbsoLUTEly no photography". It's for my blog held absoLUTEly no weight...boo. <insert new client snickering here>

4) had a meeting with Mr. Connell and Mr. Zerbib at Wasabi Digital re: future collaboration opps. for EPIDEMIC (or in French, EPIDEMIK...with a distinctive -ique sound at the end!).

5) installed a new show at Beta_space as <returning> guest curator ( is that a category? ). We launched PEGASYS and had artist talks yesterday...FUN!

6) planned the grants applications for the Newington Armoury Memory Flows exhibition next year with the CMAI Director ( the other research group I belong to :D )

7) organised and executed a curator-led basement tour for my staff at the PHM (thanks Mr. Brace! Thanks Mr. Connell!) - my fave objects were the Bakelite radios and gorgeous photographic plates (which, when we were in front of them, I reminded <read nagged> Aram not to use the flash on the camera for them and panicked a bit when I saw the orange light...turns out he was focusing, and I got a mini-lecture in front of everyone that he knows what he's doing...whoops...girlfriends are annoying too, I guess! <who'd've thunk it, eh?>. I made it up to him by saving his life when Matthew tried to squish him between the rotating shelving system ...who says I don't love him, hey?). Oh, and Gage-y has invited Mr. Connell to contribute to her next issue of Ampersand Mag, a photo essay on old school typewriters...exciting!

8) Next week training encompasses a trip to the Sydney Observatory! Sometimes, I really love my rent paying job...my boss is great, it's uber-interesting, and they actually let me drive company cars...if only I didn't have to wear a uniform (or sensible shoes...although at the minute, they are black and pink Asics Tigers...schweet!)

9) photographed the PHM education department's latest venture...demonstrations and discussions on global warming, a key feature of which is a giant block of ice melting out in the forecourt (psst...that's Ali Gordon on the left and she's wearing the Tiger Asics!).  Next week a different EPD officer will be hosting Tibetan monks for Compassion Month. My colleague has been updating us with the joys of making firm arrangements with such a Zen crowd, and there was much giggles at the morning briefing at setting them up a chill out zone ... see what I mean about my rent paying job? It's PRETTY COOL!

Wow, NMC and its redheaded Director have had a busy month! This week, I will be applying for exhibition love from the RMIT Gallery...cross your fingers that a conference on digital drawing will be interested in what I am proposing...

Other than that, I have been:

1) hanging with Aram, who took me for GORGEOUS dinner at the Brasserie last week, thank you bebe! I really need to stop shrieking at him all the time... Above is a pic of us there last March taken by Florian Schaeffer (partner to Conny Dietzschold). I fell in love with the fancy decor, and Aram fell in love with the steak Tartare. I've since developed very strong feelings for the escargot...

2) helping Gracie plan her wedding (oh for the love of VERA WANG, I've been promoted to Maid of Honour!). Above is the dress I get to wear from JCrew! HOT!

3) visiting little j and the lime baby as much as I can (I WENT TO THE FIRST ULTRASOUND TODAY AND SAW THE LITTLEST j ONSCREEN!...disguised as Jimmy's sista of course!!).  It was amazing! All fingers, toes, limbs and little profiles accounted for and a strongly beating heart! FABU!

4) trying to have civilized late night confabs with Ms. Dias, so that the neighbour lady suffering from dementia doesn't scream through my front door that I'm making too much noise in the hallway.

It's a busy life, isn't it?

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