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Creative Robotics Lab
National Institute for Experimental Art 
UNSW Art & Design 
Crnr Greens Rd & Oxford Street 
PADDINGTON NSW 2120 Australia 
Role: PhD Candidate
Activity: PBR Research in Curatorship

Design Lab
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Wilkinson Building (G04)
148 City Road
University of Sydney NSW 2006
Role: Curatorial Advisor, Casual Lecturer and Advisory Board Member
Activity: URAP, ATTRACT::RELATE::SUSTAIN, ghost[s] and the[ir] machine[s], Organised Cacophony


Creativity and Cognition Studios 

Creativity and Cognition Studio:s
Faculty of Engineering and IT
University of Technology, Sydney
Role: Honorary Research Associate
Activity: Beta_space curator, independent curator


Centre for Media Arts Innovation
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Technology, Sydney
Role: Associate Member
Activity: Curator and Arts Administrator